Writings by Caleb Rossiter, a progressive activist who has spent four decades fighting against and writing about the U.S. foreign policy of supporting repressive governments in the formerly colonized countries.

"To be an American against U.S. wars and aid to repressive regimes, you must be against the American empire, because that is where the impulse for war and aid come from. To be against the American empire, you must be against American exceptionalism, because that is where the impulse for empire comes from. War is the symptom, empire is the disease, and exceptionalism is the cause."

On Memorial Day 2013 I launched a blogsite, the American Exceptionalism Media Project. Please visit it to read my posts and plans to disrupt the transmission of exceptionalist and imperial propaganda to the next generation of Americans! The first post was a letter in the Washington Post calling for an end to the exceptionalist "long war" for control of the Middle East and North Africa. More recent posts analyze Pentagon propaganda campaigns designed to convince the public and potential recruits that our armed forces are "a global force for good."

Recently, I have been teaching at American University and in DC-area high schools. In May 2015 I published my first book on education, "Ain't Nobody Be Learnin' Nothin': The Fraud and the Fix for High-Poverty Schools."

My foreign policy blog: Empire is Evil. Most recent entry: Election season, 2016: Nil for Hill: Are Anti-imperialists Right to Risk a Trump Presdidency? Previous entries: January 29, 2014: Global Reach Starts with Community Outreach. April 3, 2013: The UN Arms Trade Treaty: An Agreement on Arms -- With No Teeth.

My education blog: Real Reform. Most recent entry: June 29, 2016: A New Path for Segregated Schools. Previous entries: May 11, 2015: My new book on the fraud of "school reform" in high-poverty communities, and related articles. January 9, 2014: Jay Mathews' Book and the Mathematica Study: What Do We Know About the KIPP Charter Schools? Previous entry: December 4, 2013: Why I Resigned from a Charter High School.

My "climate change" blog: We Love Electricity. Most recent entry: November 20, 2017: It's Kathleen Hartnett White, not Ed Markey,Who's Right on Climate Models. Previous Entries: January 17, 2017: Trump and Interntional Energy Poverty: Five Steps. June 8, 2015: Certain Trade War over Uncertain Models -- a response to Professor William Nordhau, March 25, 2015: Living with Climate Orthodoxy on Campus: One Professor's Take, March 9, 2015: Are Climate Skeptics Like Doubters of Evolution? December 20, 2014: Some op-eds and articles opposing divestment from fossil fuel companies; and May 5, 2014: My op-ed in the Wall Street Journal: Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change: Western policies seem more interested in carbon dioxide levels than life expectancy, and reactions to it -- including my termination at a progressive think-tank.


I left the congressional staff in 2009 to write a book explaining why both parties in Congress support an imperial foreign policy of domination in the formerly colonized countries, and how to attack the sources of that support. The book was published in October 2010 by Algora Publishing. Click on this link to see the cover, read a summary, find links to reviews, and even buy it: The Turkey and the Eagle: The Struggle for America's Global Role.

Here is an an excerpt from the Introduction, entitled The Real Issue.

Read and download my 1996 book on the anti-war movement: The Chimes of Freedom Flashing: A Personal History of the Vietnam Anti-war Movement and the 1960.

Read and download articles and reports I have written on: U.S. domination of developing countries, the arms trade, "climate change," the Vietnam War, foreign aid, Africa, landmines, and even mathematics.

Here is an appreciation for the life and work of Edie Wilkie, who was executive director of the Congressional Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus.


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